Looks like we'll have to abandon this

I'll be honest.... I try to do too much.. and I really can't do it all...

I run several websites, try to do pad donations, run a business (on top of being a mum and trying to do the housewifey thing)... and I just don't have any free time to be able to take this all on myself - especially when we're not getting in any submissions... I don't have time to chase people up and pester them for articles and content, and I don't have time (nor do I want to) write the entire magazine content up myself :D

And the idea for this was for it to be not something *I* did, but something that we all collectively contribute to, and I was just the one cut & pasting it into a single format so others can read it...

But we've not got anything new submitted for ages now... and I think I'll have to concede defeat here and realise it's just not going to work.

So I'm guessing we'll have to call it quits.... Unless someone else (or several someone elses) wants to step up and take over... get stuff written up, prompt people to submit content....

We have another private LJ community for the admin team (if we have one) to use to discuss things privately so we're still keeping each issue a surprise for readers, so it can be a collaboration of several people helping...

I don't mind physically creating it (though I'm also happy to hand that over to someone else if they have the design skills I lack :D) but we need the stuff to go in it...


Need some helpers!

I'm not able to do everything I need to do... so I need a team of helpers!

I can make a "vermilionmag_team" community (or something) where we can discuss the creation stuff so people don't get spoiled as to what's going to be in the next issue :)

I was thinking:

People who can look after advertising - going to businesses that seem relevant and asking if they would like to offer readers a discount and put an ad in (currently free - but places are limited)

news reporters - finding info that's happening in the menstrual world and reporting on it (new cup colours, and this sort of thing -

People to interview business (pad makers, cup manufacturers, authors, people like Harry from MUM, notable women...)

Illustrators - someone who can do some artwork, comics or just little interesting things to jazz things up a bit

People who can write up content (either something you think of yourself or looking at the suggestions and specifically writing something for that)

---  if you can help... even a bit - please speak up!

Come download the first issue!


You'll find the link on the "issues" link on the website -

That link will take you to GoogleDocs, where you can view it with their online reader or you can choose to download it (it's a 2mb .pdf file). Downloading it will give you a MUCH better quality version, and all the links will be clickable - whereas the online version doesn't seem to have clickable links and the photos end up very low quality.

There is so much we could have added - but there is only so much space and time, but we've got lots of suggestions for future content, and even some submissions already to go in next issue, so each issue will be a bit different and cover different things, and hopefully always be interesting to read.

Don't forget to submit things for future issues!!!!!

Feel free to comment here about it!

Menstrual Euphemisms

Ok ladies.... give us your euphemisms :)

Crimson tide
The curse
Aunt flo
Moon time/Moonflow/On my moon
On the rag
Whores are moanin'
In the red tent
That time of the month
Flying the red flag
Shark week
the red army is marching

-- tell me more --

Ahhh dearie me.... go have a look at the list on MUM... I've not heard 99.9% of these (even the supposedly Australian ones)

....but can I just say - hilarious!
"I'm rebooting the Ovarian Operating System"
"That thing with the lady parts"

Personal Grooming Poll

I've got a couple of polls up on the blog - (I did it there rather than here because the poll is a bit more flexible there)...

I think we can run a poll each issue and publish results in the following issue...

So what sort of poll questions would people like to see???

some suggestions:

* Do you use a reusable menstrual product? (answers can be "yes" to cups, pads, sponges or other.... and a "no"

* Do you get menstrual related symptoms? (breast tenderness, tiredness, bloating, cramps, other)

* Do you have sex during your period?

* How old were you when you started menstruating?

* What's your favourite expression for being on your period? (Shark week, the red army is marching, Aunt Flo is here, etc)

* What is you personal relationship with your period? (Hate it, love it, neutral etc)

* does being on your period affect your activity level? Do you cut back on sports/work/fun activities during your period, do you continue as usual, or do you lie on the couch and moan for a week?

* permanent body alterations? Piercing, tattoos, laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, permanent makeup, etc?

* how often do you wear makeup? Never, special occasions, for work, every time I set foot out of the house, every day whether I'm going out or not...

* Would you stop menstruating if you could?

* Have you ever purposely attempted to suppress your period (e.g. Mirena IUD, Implanon, extended cycle hormonal birth control)?

* Have you ever purposely attempted to bring on your period (e.g. parsley tea)?

* What do you eat for comfort when on your period?

I'm sure we can think of tons more

Last call for advertisements!

The mag will be published on June 1st.... so I need the ads ASAP as it's a first come first included type deal and if I get too many then I'll have to leave some out for next issue...

They need to be an image (.jpg, .gif or .png - but not transparent) this exact size:

(just save that image to your harddrive, increase the colour depth and do your ad in that image)

So e-mail them to

Also - Still in need of a giveaway item if possible.... and there is still space if anyone wants to submit anything....

well.... it's been a while.... but we're nearly ready!

I admit, due to lack of any artwork and a need for some more submissions (and me being busy, as usual)..... I'd left this go.... But I'd been thinking about it recently (the domain was up for renewal).... and even though we don't have much to get started with, I think we need to publish what we have. So it'll be out soon....

So.... I've made a website.... should link there now rather than to here...

So... if anyone has anything to contribute - please send it in!! if it's too late for this issue, it can be used in the next one. We won't have a next one unless we get more submissions though - so PLEASE!!!!

Also.... I'd like to have a section for discounts and vouchers and things at the back of the magazine - so any businesses (pad sellers etc.) who would like to offer something (eg a discount for readers who enter a certain code) - please let me know... I'd like them to all be a certain size (this size -

Cover designer needed

We still need some sort of cover for the mag....

Really nice photo showing something related to menstruation (prefer not just cloth pads or just a cup or something - but a combination of reusable products is fine).... or a drawing or painting relating to menstruation....

any ideas....anyone want to put their hand up for this.... it's the final thing we need really...

FAQ in each issue

Someone on another community I'm in brought up the point that it would be handy to have info on how to wash cloth pads in the mag, because she's interested in them but not sure on the cleaning thing.... and I can see that if someone did pick up and read a copy who thought the idea was interesting but had never heard of them before, they might want more info...

So what do you think about the idea of having a page at the back that runs through some FAQs of cloth pads and cups... like how to wash them, where to buy and so on...?

While it would be repeated in each issue, if it's at the back people who don't need it don't have to read that page, but anyone new to these products will have a start at some info. And we can use that page to direct people to some of the LJ communities and websites that have more info.