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17 May 2010 @ 11:38 pm
well.... it's been a while.... but we're nearly ready!  
I admit, due to lack of any artwork and a need for some more submissions (and me being busy, as usual)..... I'd left this go.... But I'd been thinking about it recently (the domain was up for renewal).... and even though we don't have much to get started with, I think we need to publish what we have. So it'll be out soon....

So.... I've made a website.... http://www.vermilionmagazine.com should link there now rather than to here...

So... if anyone has anything to contribute - please send it in!! if it's too late for this issue, it can be used in the next one. We won't have a next one unless we get more submissions though - so PLEASE!!!!


Also.... I'd like to have a section for discounts and vouchers and things at the back of the magazine - so any businesses (pad sellers etc.) who would like to offer something (eg a discount for readers who enter a certain code) - please let me know... I'd like them to all be a certain size (this size - http://www.labyrinth.net.au/~obsidian/vermilion/vermilionmagazineadspace.gif)